Mist’erious Spray Pump

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Skincare becomes mist with this long-lasting spray

Mist’erious spray lasts 3 times longer than a traditional spray. Its fine mist is quickly absorbed for near-instant hydration. Combined with modular actuation, it provides the perfect dosage control for a subtle spray and sophisticated skincare routine experience. A new must-have companion for formulas such as toning waters, glycolic aqueous solutions, floral waters and emulsions

Key Features:

  • Adapted to tonic, glycolic aqueous formulas, floral waters and emulsions without particles
  • Dosage: 140 & 200 mcl
  • Closure: Screw, Crimp, 1-inch
  • Several options available: caps for stepped and crimp versions,
  • Can be combined with the On The Go version or sample Travel Mist’erious

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