Note​ On-the-Go Fragrance Applicator

Applicators & Droppers, Mini & On-the-Go Packaging


Enhance your fragrance experience even on the go

Note offers a discreet and sophisticated ritual for fragrance in a very precise dosage and high neutrality (metal free). Available now in mini packaging, it remains faithful to the retail-size but in convenient formats.

Key Features:

  • Note Fragrance (max 10 cps , tension of surface 30mN/m)
  • Note Oil (max 45 cps , tension of surface 50mN/m)
  • Bottle FEA 15
  • Molded bottle Elegance 15 ml
  • Vial bottle 15 & 20 ml
  • Decoration : silk-screening
  • Smooth or with undulation metal cap
  • Engraving and custom anodization available

Applying and wearing fragrance is an intimate experience that is unique to each consumer.

The rituals of our daily routine, are nurtured by our personality, our culture, our environment and the very essence of our perfume. We invite you to explore our Ritual Collection, where every detail is designed to offer you the experience desired.

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