Career Development & Education

“A successful and meaningful career guided by your own ambition and your career development partner.”

Career Development & Education

We help our people develop to achieve their potential and enhance their performance

We believe in our people, and do our best to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities. This allows us to help them achieve their potential and ensures that Aptar’s success and growth.

Learning that enhances performance must be a varied experience that is accessible wherever you are. To promote our people and help them grow, we have created a mix of experiential learning journeys that begin the first day and are guided by an Aptar talent management specialist.


Aptar Corporate University

We see our Aptar Corporate University (CU) as a channel of distribution within the company to leverage knowledge, education and best practices aligned with “The Aptar Way”, our company spirit and DNA, and the values and vision that make Aptar unique. Aptar CU offers training programs in leadership, sales and business for everyone in the company. These programs are developed by Aptar for Aptar, and are composed of hundreds of individual modules including:

  • Leadership & Management
  • Market-Oriented
  • Business Process
  • On Demand
  • Online Training

The purpose of our Leadership & Management training is to strengthen the alignment to “The Aptar Way” and the “Leadership for Growth” approach. “The Aptar Way” combines our Vision, Core Values and Leadership understanding with a growth mindset. This helps guarantee a reliable and trustworthy leadership culture.

We focus our market-oriented programs on all our customer facing individuals whether they’re in sales, marketing or R&D.  This helps us continue to bolster our relationships with our customers, and fosters best practice thinking and collaboration throughout the company.

In an VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, it’s important to understand the principles of Change Management in context with Leadership & Management, as well as how strategy can be adapted to the organization and how to react to change situations resulting from the developed strategy by using case studies.

APPM (Aptar Project Portfolio Management) standards and methodology and how to get projects started in a more efficient way are complementing the training offering.

On Demand training involves training programs developed and customized to meet specific business needs based on our Aptar Corporate University content and knowledge.

Aptar Corporate University continues to evolve as we move from traditional classroom training to online. We are offering Online Learning Journeys to leverage the opportunity for remote learning and knowledge acquisition. In addition to this we are offering customized eGuides on certain Aptar topics as well as “off-the-shelf” eLearning.

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