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The Power of a Flow Control Valve

Delight consumers and build loyalty with the ultimate clean, controlled, and convenient dispensing experience.

The Value of Valves

Aptar’s valves enhance brand value for a variety of products around the world.

Aptar valves have made inverted packaging and hygienic flow control possible for a wide variety of brands all over the world. With that, brands and consumers experience the benefit of Aptar valves every day in many of their food, beverage, personal care, and home care products.

Our flow control valves have also enabled new markets to emerge such as liquid water enhancers and the new squeezable inverted pouch format for applications such as sour cream, guacamole, peanut butter, and more.

Aptar has been providing valves for more than 30 years with more than 40 billion valves sold worldwide. Our goal is to continue to develop and deliver innovative, sustainable, high-performance valves for a wide variety of field applications, helping brands provide enjoyable and clean product dispensing to end-consumers.

High-Quality, Repeatable Performance

Aptar flow control valves are versatile, working with different viscosities from ketchup to hair treatments. The valves deliver a unique product-specific dispensing experience for brands around the world. while providing high-quality, repeatable performance with every dispense. With over 30 years of commercial success and 40 billion valves sold, Aptar has the expertise and experience to deliver flow control solutions to differentiate and optimize packaging around the world.

Improving the Consumer Experience and Enabling Brand Loyalty

  • Cleanliness
  • Precision
  • Quality
  • High Standards
  • Comprehensive Testing


The consistent high-quality design provides repeatable performance for the ultimate in clean, controlled dispensing and preventing drips, spills and leaks throughout the life of the package.


Overall valve design and slit versatility ensures precise dispensing and allows consumers to dispense product where they want it, when they want it, and avoid messy spills.


Rolling sleeve design on the valve ensures clean product cut-off with every dispense.

High Standards

High-quality standards in valve manufacturing ensure quality, consistency, and performance reliability from the first dispense to the last.

Comprehensive Testing

Aptar’s Integrated Test Lab conducts Valve Performance Evaluations and Compatibility Test during the package development process, to ensure that product and packaging components work seamlessly together.

Cleaner Dispensing: Aptar’s Valve vs. Traditional Baffle

Aptar’s flow control valves were developed to deliver clean product dispensing throughout the package’s life. To highlight its value in terms of cleanliness, hygiene, and consumer experience, we completed a side-by-side dispense test between the valve and a traditional baffled orifice with ketchup.

A photo was taken after each squeeze until the package was empty. The image below shows the result after thirty-three consecutive product evacuations were made, indicating that the Aptar valve provides a cleaner product cut-off while the traditional baffle option often results in a “product tail” accumulating on the closure lid over time.

Traditional Baffle vs Aptar Valve

Our Portfolio

We work with customers to find the optimal valve size, slit configuration, and material to provide a unique product-specific dispensing experience and enhance brand value.  Sizes and slit configurations include .375″, .500″, .634″, and .741″ with cross slit, snowflake slit, and tri-slit options.

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The global leading silicone valve

High-performing valve, able to be sorted in sink/float tanks in the PET recycling stream

High-performing, fully recyclable valve in the PP and PE streams

Wide Range of Applications

Reusable Water Bottles


Custom Solutions (Packaging, Non-Packaging Applications)​

30+ Years Delivering Superior Flow Control

Aptar works directly with customers to help select the optimal valve size and slit configuration for their products, testing the package before it is released to store shelves to ensure the best possible performance. Managing both the diameter of the valve and the slit configuration enables us to dial in on the most desired dispensing performance while maximizing leakage resistance for each individual product type. The Aptar manufacturing process enables considerable flexibility for controlling both.


We have developed proprietary technology to manufacture more than 150 elastomeric flow control solutions for numerous applications and products. We offer stock or custom valve solutions for almost any application field.


We leverage our global footprint to better serve our customers and manufacture more than 3 billion valves yearly.

We use the best materials in our innovative manufacturing process to deliver superior-performance dispensing valves.


We’re continuously innovating to deliver new product solutions for our customers and to improve the performance, durability, and sustainability of our valves.​


We leverage our 30+ years of experience to deliver custom solutions and technical support to all our customers. ​

In the News

Advancing Sustainability: The Rise of Recyclable Flow Control Solutions

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  • World Food Innovation Awards 2021

    Aptar EFC’s SimpliCycle™ Recyclable Valve was recognized by the World Food Organisation for its packaging innovation.​
  • WorldStar Winner 2022

    Aptar EFC’s SimpliCycle™ recyclable valve received the prestigious 2022 WorldStar Global Packaging award for packaging innovation.​
  • AmeriStar 2022

    Aptar EFC’s SimpliCycle™ received Ameristar’s Sustainable Packaging award.

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Customer Success Stories

We are pleased to showcase some of the breakthrough flow control valve solutions that have been helping brands stand out on store shelves and giving consumers an enjoyable experience with the products they love.

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Aptar played a significant role in converting Chacauhaa Brazil’s glass with metal lug cap packaging of Mel de Cacau honey to an inverted closure with Aptar’s Lock-Back Partial Lid solution with SimpliSqueeze flow control valve.
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Chacauhaa Brazil

Nutrioli chose to convert part of its portfolio to Aptar’s Tapered 33-100 with SimpliSqueeze flow control valve, a lightweight solution that is ideal for inverted packaging.
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SalsaRica and Mercadona leveraged Aptar’s expertise by incorporating the Samba snap top closure and valve technology to into their new package to make enhancements to the product’s flow control.
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Xiaoyangren’s recently launched sports drink leveraged Simplisqueeze, smartly designed into the spout, to help avoid leaking, even when the closure is open–making it convenient and hygienic.
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Aptar’s silicone valve technology dispenses and cuts off product without introducing air. According to Rob Johnson, chief executive of Original Uncle Dougie’s, this feature dramatically extends shelf life.
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Original Uncle Dougie’s