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Nutrioli Partners with Aptar Food + Beverage in Mexico to Bring Breakthrough Packaging to the Edible Oil Market

New packaging brings innovation, convenience, and recyclability benefits.

28 Nov 2022

In the food market, brands are continuously seeking innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for their products. Aptar Food + Beverage partners with brands to improve everyday life for consumers through packaging solutions that further enhance the consumer experience and address safety, health and wellness, convenience, and sustainability.

Nutrioli, a leader in providing edible oils in Mexico, partnered with Aptar Food + Beverage to improve consumers’ experience, through a convenient and innovative dispensing solution that aims to make oil dispensing spill-proof, enabling a more hygienic and clean experience with a crisp cut-off of oil flow as consumers stop squeezing the bottle. Not only does the new solution improve convenience and hygiene, it also adds a safety element and helps reduce food waste.

Nutrioli chose to convert part of its portfolio to Aptar’s Tapered 33-100 with SimpliSqueeze® flow control valve, a lightweight solution that is ideal for inverted packaging. Besides the directional dispensing and clean product cut-off, the SimpliSqueeze valve is manufactured from Swimming Silicone, a unique material that allows for the valve to be separated from the closure in PET recycling stream. This means that the valve will rise to the surface of the float tank during the recycling process for easy removal, allowing the remainder of the packaging to be recycled. Nutrioli is the first brand in Mexico to use this innovative and sustainable solution.

For consumers, dispensing is fast, easy, and hygienic. “Chop! Chop! Chop!” has been Nutrioli’s jingle since 2005 and now the brand is using it as a motto that replicates the action a consumer takes when squeezing the bottle of soy oil to apply to food or cooking utensils, demonstrating the ease of dispensing. This unique approach is being used in the advertising and promotion materials that Nutrioli specifically developed to educate consumers about the benefits of the oils and the drip-free closures that make their use even more pleasant.

Learn more about Nutrioli and the new packaging solutions at or visit their YouTube playlist for product tutorials.

To learn more about Aptar’s Tapered closure with Simplisqueeze visit or contact us.

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