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Salsa Rica’s Popular Mayonnaise Product Repackaged and Rebranded with Aptar Food + Beverage’s Samba Closure

Salsa Rica, one of Spain’s largest food manufacturers, partnered with Aptar Food + Beverage to improve and repackage its popular Hacendado mayonnaise, a brand distributed by the largest retailer in Spain, Mercadona.

21 Apr 2022

The driving force behind Mercadona’s desire to repackage and reposition its private label emulsified sauce was Salsa Rica’s recent enhancement of the ingredients used in their recipe for Mayonnaise.

The packaging improvements were the result of many consumer studies that revealed what consumers wanted in the new package.  Salsa Rica and Mercadona were able to achieve their desired outcomes for the project by leveraging Aptar’s expertise and by incorporating the Samba snap top closure into the new package.

Samba provides a clean and convenient consumer experience and features a 38mm, 3-start neck finish and a 51mm outer diameter closure that allows consumers to easily open and close the product, even with one hand. An active hinge allows the lid to remain open while in use; another feature appreciated by consumers. Besides a new opening and lid, Salsa Rica relied on Aptar’s valve technology to make enhancements to the product’s flow control.

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