Kiso closure in use - drinking and pouring


Breakthrough Beverage Dispensing

Kiso is a new, versatile dispensing closure that makes pouring or drinking dairy and other beverages a convenient experience, free of spills or milk mustaches.

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Drink & Pour Where You Want, When You Want

Kiso’s large orifice is designed for low and high-viscosity products, making it perfect for yogurt drinks, premium and plant-based milk, nutritional drinks, juice and concentrates.

Versatile Use

Kiso in use, pouring milk and drinking from bottle

Kiso makes it simple to sip and easy to pour.

Recyclable by Design

Pink and white Kiso closure on white milk bottle on green background

Kiso is a tethered closure, mono-material, with non-detachable tamper evidence.

Highly Visible on Shelf

Woman selecting item from shelf in dairy aisel at grocery store

Kiso stands out among other products on store shelves.

Clean and Convenient

Pouring orange juice into glass using Kiso closure

Kiso is designed for spill-free experiences.

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