Rocket, tethered beverage cap

Tethered Technology

Our tethered closures technology not only help to provide improved convenience for consumers, but especially to increase closure recycling rates.

Tethered Closure Technology

Tethered closures remain attached to the bottle throughout the entire packaging life-cycle, making them more likely to be collected and sent through the recycling stream, thus increasing the recyclability of plastic closures. Because it is so simple, user-friendly, and does not interfere with product consumption, this technology can be used in almost any application.

In addition, tethered closures eliminate the possibility of closures being misplaced, which is a benefit for on-the-go consumers. This innovative technology aligns with the Association of Plastic Recyclers “Caps-On” initiative, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of recycling the closure with the bottle.


Uno is a one-piece sport closure that features tamper evidence and hygienic flip-top properties. Uno is 100% recyclable due to its mono-material composition. Uno is tethered and available in 1881 PCO neck finish.

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Light Original EVO

Original is an iconic sport closure that is recognized and trusted by consumers around the world. Being the first two-piece flip-top closure in the beverage market, Original now features non-detachable tamper evidence and a tethering system for PCO 1810, PCO 1881 and 30/25 neck finishes.

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Rocket was born from consumer insights as the next generation of sport caps, redefining the standard for non-detachable, tamper evidence visibility. It provides a wide opening angle to enhance drinking experience. Rocket is tethered and available in PCO 1881 neck.

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Maestro is easy-to-open, portion-controlled, and features a pouring lip, which aids in stopping spills. This closure creates an enhanced experience, by allowing consumers to choose how much product to dispense.

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