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Partnering as a Solution Provider

As a leader in packaging, we are always listening to the market and proactively delivering innovation to our customers. As a trusted partner, we aim to provide solutions to the problems that keep you up at night.

Dedicated to understanding your market and the challenges you face, we work to apply our learnings to create a more versatile and stronger portfolio to suit your unique packaging needs.

Our range of convenient and customized dispensing solutions helps reimagine your packaging to improve your consumers’ everyday lives.

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Sustainability Leaders

At Aptar, we understand that when we all lead with sustainability, innovation is a fast follower. That’s why we’re proud to be recognized globally for our commitment to bettering the planet:

  • Aptar has joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy 100, the world’s leading circular economy network.
  • Aptar Food + Beverage has received Critical Guidance Recognition from The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) for its SimpliCycle™ recyclable valve technology.
  • Entered strategic partnership with REBO to offer a reusable water bottle that uses technology to help people stay hydrated while helping to collect tossed-away plastic bottles that end up in our environment.

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Download Aptar’s 2020 Sustainability Report

Innovative Product Solutions

We focus on consumer insights and market intelligence in order to consistently innovate and develop products that fulfill consumer demand.

  • SimpliCycle™ Recyclable Valve
  • Tethered Closure
  • SimpliSqueeze® Valve
  • Inverted Packaging

SimpliCycle Recyclable Valve

When assembled into Aptar Food + Beverage closures, SimpliCycle™ offers the high performance, versatility, and dispensing consistency that consumers have come to expect from Aptar valves.

The SimpliCycle™ Valve Solution combines high performance and recyclability, revolutionizing the world of sustainable dispensing.

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Tethered Closure

This technology can be used in almost any application as they are uniquely simple, consumer-friendly, and it doesn’t interfere with product consumption. Tethered closures remain attached to the bottle throughout the entire packaging life-cycle, which makes them more likely to be collected and sent through the recycling stream, and therefore, helps increase plastic closures recyclability rates.

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SimpliSqueeze® Valve

SimpliSqueeze®, a valve solution with 20 years of proven consumer success, is the breakthrough technology that makes inverted and flexible packaging work for modern consumers.

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Inverted Packaging

Aptar’s Inverted Pouch Dispensing solutions have been developed to bring differentiation and superior functionality to pouches. This innovative packaging solution features a flip-lid closure and SimpliSqueeze® valve, completely eliminating the need for utensils, and allowing for 99% product evacuation. This new packaging format offers stability and easy storage, giving consumers a superior packaging experience

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