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Aptar Beauty + Home Becomes the First Packaging Supplier to Pre-Qualify its Sustainable Solutions in Alignment with Retailer Credo’s Sustainable Packaging Guidelines

By Jaimee Given Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Beauty + Home, North America
18 Nov 2020

Aptar Beauty + Home, a global leader in dispensing and full packaging solutions for the beauty, personal care and home care industry, has taken a further step toward its sustainability goals by pre-qualifying 45+  products to ensure alignment with Credo’s Sustainable Packaging Guidelines. The current Credo-compliant product selection includes airless full packaging, dispensers, spray technology and the broadest range of dispensing closures available in at least 50%, but up to 100%, post-consumer recycled resin*, in the North America market.

Credo, a pioneer in the clean beauty category, released its Sustainable Packaging Guidelines in April 2020 in response to the growing concern about beauty packaging waste. These guidelines are the latest chapter of The Credo Clean Standard™ which defines “Clean Beauty” and offers brands a comprehensive playbook on safety, sourcing, sustainability and more. According to Google Trends, consumer interest in sustainable brands has almost doubled in the past year** as more consumers were able to see the first-hand environmental impacts through pandemic shut downs.

“As a leader in the packaging industry our mission is to help our brand partners on their sustainability journey while working towards our own circular economy goals. By pre-qualifying our sustainable products, produced in North America, in alignment with Credo’s guidelines, we hope to facilitate easier sourcing and provide clear guidance on our products’ environmental impacts.” – Philippe Erhart, President of Beauty + Home, North America

With the introduction of the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines, Credo will become the first beauty retailer to introduce a mandatory packaging guideline for all of its brand partners to follow. The policy will:

  • Prohibit single-use masks and wipes by June 2021
  • Require brands to replace virgin petrochemical plastic with 50% or more recycled plastic, or another non-plastic material, by June 2023
  • Disallow brands from implying packaging is compostable or recyclable if it is not; brands must provide clear, accurate disposal instructions for consumers in an effort to help improve the overtaxed, contaminated recycling stream
  • Emphasize reusable packaging systems: durable containers the customer keeps and refills with new product, in packaging designed to be environmentally preferable

 “We are at a crucial point with regard to consumption and waste. It is time that beauty companies make real, actionable commitments that will drastically reduce this sector’s impact,” said Mia Davis, Credo’s Director of Environmental and Social Responsibility. “Credo’s Sustainable Packaging Guidelines offer brands clear goals and deadlines for better material choices, and as a part of this work, we’re forging new, pre-competitive alliances with packaging companies like Aptar to ensure access to better, more sustainable materials.”

Aptar’s global approach to sustainability addresses multiple facets from a people, product and planet perspective. In alignment with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy Global Commitment, Aptar has committed to 100% of Beauty + Home’s products will be recyclable, reusable, or compostable by 2025. Recently, Aptar announced formalizing and approval of its Science Based Targets, setting an emissions goal consistent with requirements to keep global warming below 2° Celsius by 2030. This implementation incorporates operations electricity, fuel oil, natural gas and refrigerant use as well as operations including transportation of goods and raw materials. Click here for additional information.

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*Final percentage of PCR will depend on colorant or additives that will affect the ratio

**August 2019 – March 2020

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