Aptar Beauty + Home Insights: How BBI Utilized Aptar’s Apollo Technology to Launch a New User Experience for Liquid Wrench

Consumers now have the flexibility of choice in how they use the product with a simple twist and click.

24 Jun 2020


There are few words that hold such power in the modern world quite like innovation. The constant push to disrupt the market with game-changing functionality and aesthetic is an ongoing challenge that brand owners face as consumers seek solutions that deliver convenience and improve their daily lives. This need for innovation in the aerosol market inspired Aptar Beauty + Home to create Apollo, the first pressurized accessory with a dual-spray option. Consumers now have the flexibility of choice in how they use the product with a simple twist and click. Blumenthal Brands Integrated (BBI) partnered with Aptar Beauty + Home to create a value-added delivery system for the automotive and industrial markets with the launch of Liquid Wrench Pro Penetrant and Lubricant featuring Apollo.

The product features a narrow stream for tighter spaces and a wider spray for broader coverage. Its fast acting and anti-seize formula penetrates corrosion, loosens rust and displaces moisture. Apollo’s locking feature also makes the product e-commerce friendly and easy to store.

Partnership and Collaboration

To bring the Liquid Wrench Pro Penetrant and Lubricant from concept to realization, Aptar and BBI collaborated through the development process, leveraging each other’s expertise in understanding the consumer market and needs for this category.

“Apollo had better features than the competitive twist cap we were looking at for this product.” Robert Stuck, Director of Product Development, Blumenthal Brands Integrated

In addition to innovation insights, brands are able to leverage Aptar’s technical support and project management to help streamline the product development process and ensure quality standards are met.

About Apollo

Consumers have the freedom of choice with an innovative and easy-to-use pressurized accessory. Apollo offers a unique point of differentiation by providing brands a personalized product experience through the selection of multiple spray combinations. Apollo’s patented design includes Aptar’s twist-to-lock technology, which provides peace of mind for secure transportation on-the-go and will withstand the rigors of e-commerce shipping.

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