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Aptar Beauty + Home Showcases Omnichannel Packaging Solutions.

The scale and importance of e-commerce has been felt worldwide especially during the current pandemic and is here to stay. It has been the fastest-growing channel as consumers shop online, on their smartphones and through social media. All have come to expect a seamless shopping experience, the omnichannel approach, across multi-platforms from brick and mortar (click & collect) to online.  

By Lisa Celms Global Marketing & Communications, Aptar B+H
30 Mar 2021

At Aptar Beauty + Home we are READY to deliver our strategy by focusing on our enablers – sustainability, digitalization and transformation. Offering sustainable and e-commerce capable solutions is critical today. Packaging is the first interaction a customer has with our clients’ products. How it arrives, how it is disposed, and the overall customer experience is what our team is working on every day.” shares Marc Prieur, President, Aptar Beauty + Home. 

For Aptar Beauty + Home, our e-commerce roadmap and omnichannel approach is anchored on 3 pillars:  

  1. Adapting the existing product range for specific requirements such as adding clips, increased robustness and retention force for e-commerce resilient solutions. 
  1. Integrating e-commerce features in the initial design of the packaging (leveraging locking and tamper evident features etc.). 
  1. Completely rethinking omnichannel to deliver superior technical design, optimize customer experience across all channels, minimize environmental impact and create packaging at the lowest delivered cost.   

As an official participant in the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS), we have been certifying our products with the Ista 6-Amazon compliance.  


But what is ISTA 6-Amazon Certified Packaging? 

Amazon is the only e-commerce retailer, for now, with clearly defined quality standards for product packaging. ISTA 6-Amazon has a certified package program that addresses a number of concerns related to the Amazon distribution channel. These concerns include: damage throughout the supply chain to the customer’s door; elimination of “wrap rage” which is the frustration of trying to open a package; reduction in packaging material and increased use of recycled packaging components, which reduces waste and environmental footprint. 

The only other large retailer to follow suit is China’s, which is currently developing detailed standards for packaging design and hopes to set China’s universal standards for e-commerce. Other large Asian retailers including Alibaba have not yet developed packaging standards for e-commerce.  

 Today, Aptar Beauty + Home has more than 40 e-commerce capable solutions across all Aptar product categories from dispensing closures to spray and lotion pumps, aerosol accessories and airless packaging – and for multiple market fields from skin care to personal  and home care.  New designs and technologies are being developed and tested to offer our customers solutions for omnichannel distribution. We can now deliver on our three primary goals: superior customer experience, minimize environmental impact and cost efficiency” shares Luigi Garofalo, Global Business Development Personal and Home Care. 

 At Aptar Beauty + Home, we understand how important it is that products arrive safely to consumers.  True to our mission, we provide unique packaging experiences with innovative responsible solutions.  

Stay tuned for upcoming news and articles on our e-commerce capable solutions, omnichannel trends and innovations. To learn more about Aptar Beauty + Home’s range of e-commerce products, visit our website page or contact us.  

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