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Aptar Beauty + Home receives two sustainability certifications.

Aptar Beauty + Home has obtained two certifications from renowned independent European sustainability organizations for their airless technology. The first certification is the International
Sustainability Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS and the second from the German Cyclos-HTP Institute for the ‘Class AAA’ excellent recyclability rating.

1 Apr 2021

“We are honored to receive these certifications which validate our commitment to sustainability and motivates our team to seek further traceable, recyclable and circular solutions” shares Christophe Marie, Sustainability Product Director, Aptar Group. Following a rigorous certification process by these respected organizations means that Aptar Beauty + Home clients can now benefit from the ISCC PLUS certification and ‘Class AAA’ rating for airless packaging solutions for six airless product ranges with capacities starting from 5ml to 200ml.

To deliver ISCC certificates with its airless products, Aptar’s Villingen facility runs a thorough internal verification process along the entire supply chain, taking a ‘mass balance approach’ to trace the flow of materials that are mixed during production. This constant monitoring and counting approach makes it possible to trace the level and characteristics of circular and/or sustainable content in the final product. For the Cyclos-HTP ‘Class AAA’, qualification Aptar Beauty + Home’s airless packaging range made from PP and PE polymers received the scored from 96% to 98% for ‘Excellent Recyclability’ of the raw packaging. “Recyclability is an individual attribute and, as a gradual indicator, an expression and instrument of applied product responsibility. Assessing recyclability can provide critical information for the optimization of packaging and goods” says Sandra Bekamp, Managing Director of Institute Cyclos-HTP.

Together, these certifications guarantee the traceability of raw recycled materials used across the supply chain — ensuring a reduction in the use of conventional plastic — as well as the recyclability of the finished raw packaging product. Aptar Beauty + Home Partners Benefiting from ISCC PLUS & Cyclos-HTP Made from ISCC PLUS certified PCR plastic, Mezzo Airless solution has quickly attracted attention from brands for its sustainable qualities.


  • REN Clean Skincare EVERCALM Global Protection Day Cream launched the world’s first cosmetics packaging using ISCC PLUS certified 100% PCR plastic (post-consumer recycled)
  • German skincare brand Annemarie Börlind chose the 50ml Mezzo in PCR for the launch of its System Energy Boost day cream for men
  • Italian skincare brand Collistar chose a Mezzo airless solution made from ISCC certified PCR for its January 2021 launch of three 80ml Hydra Uomo skincare products. Collistar leaned heavily on the sustainable qualities of the packaging, pointing out the bottles use a reduced number of components and are made from a recycled circular plastic, which has the same qualities, characteristics, and security as conventional plastics
  • Nano by Aptar Certified Cyclos-HTP ‘Class AAA’ with a 97-98% recyclability rate, Nano 10ml is a top-fill, travel size airless dispenser produced in a 100% plastic material of the brand’s choice. Its patented airless system guarantees the formula stays protected from air and light, while the double-valve pump and self-priming system deliver precise dosage and 360° dispensing. A high evacuation rate ensures most of the formula is dispensed, eliminating formula waste from being stuck inside the pack. Nano is also available as a full-service offer


“At Aptar Beauty + Home, we are very proud of these certifications and we will continue our commitment to working with certified sustainable materials. We are focusing on PCR resins; we call it PCR PLUS materials. On one hand we aim to implement PCR PLUS materials, and on the other we want to increase the PCR ratio in our system. With more innovative sustainable solutions to come in the near future” shares Fabrice Vaudran, Project Manager Airless Expert Center, Aptar Beauty + Home Villingen Facility.

Aptar Beauty + Home supports and shares its partners’ ambitious sustainability goals. Backed by independent certifications and expertise, Aptar Beauty + Home looks forward to helping customers and partners understand the benefits of sustainable packaging and finding sustainable solutions for our partners.




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