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Aptar Beauty + Home Welcomes Comité Colbert

Aptar Beauty + Home was honored to have recently welcomed Benedicte Epinay, CEO, Comité Colbert* to visit behind the scenes of our Aptar Reboul site as we celebrate 100 years of Aptar Reboul’s “Savoir-Faire” in creating beautiful lipstick cases.

16 Dec 2021

What did you think of your visit?

“It is always impressive to visit a manufacturing site, to see what happens behind the scenes, and here we are really talking about an accomplishment: to start from an aluminum sheet and end up with a hyper-sophisticated product, a lipstick. Moreover, we actually do not realize it when we wear lipstick every day, but in fact, we have a product with a multitude of details. And one can imagine the skills necessary to achieve pieces like this.” Shares Benedicte Epinay, CEO, Comité Colbert.


How do you transfer your “Savoir-Faire”?

“At Aptar Reboul, some of our employees have been around for 20 or even 30 years, and they train around 10% of our young newcomers every year, for instance on how to work with metal. Here our expertise is all about giving nobility to materials like aluminum, brass or copper but also adding on luxurious materials, such as semi-precious stones and all this transfer of know-how comes from our mentoring” shares Patrick Bousquel, Beauty Marketing Director, EMEA, Aptar Beauty + Home.

Discover the visit here

Video image B.Epinay


*Comite Colbert was created in 1954 at the initiative of Jean-Jacques Guerlain. It is an association made of more than 100 French luxury members driven by its mission to passionately promote, patiently transmit, and sustainably develop French savoir-faire and creation in order to inject a new sense of wonder. From the fourteen Maisons that originally composed the association to the one hundred and five today, the oldest founded in the 9th century and the most recent in the 21st century, whether specialized in the areas of publishing, gastronomy, haute couture, orfevrerie, cosmetics, perfume or jewelry, all of our Maisons strive to fly the flag of French creation and savoir-faire. The world has changed, but the Colbert spirit lives on. Learn more here.
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