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Aptar Beauty & Quadpack Revamp Refillable Lipstick Encased in Wood

It clicks! Aptar Beauty and Quadpack revamp refillable lipstick encased in wood. Iconic Woodacity® 2.0 is released with new finishes and a unique, intuitive gesture.

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By Vanessa Miremont Brand Communications Senior Manager
10 Oct 2023

The successful collaboration between global leader in dispensing systems Aptar Beauty and international beauty packaging manufacturer and provider Quadpack continues, with Iconic Woodacity® 2.0. Launched one year ago, the refillable lipstick is designed for increased sustainability and an engaging consumer experience, bringing together the two companies’ expertise in lipsticks and wooden componentry. Iconic Woodacity® features Aptar’s Iconic mechanism, wrapped in a custom monomaterial wooden casing from Quadpack. The new edition refines the concept with more choice in wood types and finishes and a new, patented closure system called ‘Solo Snap’.

Iconic Woodacity® 2.0 is not just a lipstick; it’s a jewel. It comes with a beautiful casing made of 100% ash or maple wood, sourced from European, sustainably-managed forests, with PEFC and FSC® certifications* on demand. It is a canvas for brands, as they can make it their own by applying a wide array of designs and decoration techniques.


Denisa Stircea, Senior Category Lead at Quadpack, explained: “Wood is all about emotions. Ash is a light-coloured wood with a straight grain. Maple can be very smooth and shiny. Decoration can either highlight the unique grain patterns or give the product a premium look- and-feel – in that sense, it can also cater to brands looking for sustainable packaging without wood’s natural aesthetics.”

The Solo Snap system has been developed to provide a classic, timeless lipstick gesture. Quadpack’s wood experts have created a click closure, thanks to a new, patented interior structure that works without inserts, plastic or otherwise. Consumers simply pull the cap off and push it back on until it clicks. What’s more, it works perfectly with standard filling lines.

The opening experience is perfectly adapted to this lipstick, while keeping the monomaterial and refillable features of the product,” said Patrick Bousquel, Marketing Director Beauty EMEA, Aptar Beauty.

The casing houses Aptar Beauty’s market-leading Iconic mechanism. POM-free, glue-free and lubricant-free, it offers a smooth actuation of the bullet. Refills are easily replaced by pulling out the used mechanism and snapping in the new one.

Iconic Woodacity 2.0 is entirely “Made in Europe” with the casing made at Quadpack Wood in Catalonia, Spain, and the mechanisms manufactured at Aptar Beauty’s Chavanod facility in France, which just new its prestigious EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) certification.

*Quadpack Wood license codes: PEFC/14-38-00005 and FSC-C126413

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