Aptar China Won AmCham Shanghai 2021 CSR Changemaker Award

The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Shanghai announced this year’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) award winners, honoring companies that are leading the way in social impact innovation and community building throughout China. Aptar China won the CSR Changemaker Award thanks to the strong and innovative social impact of the Tongji Aptar Future Packaging Lab program.

The Changemaker Award recognizes companies that are in the early stages of a special journey yet are already delivering high level results. In other words, this award aims to encourage projects or teams who may not have the benefit of full capacity or resources, and yet, found a way to deliver outstanding results.

7 Dec 2021

AmCham Shanghai has hosted its CSR Awards since 2005, recognizing companies that strive for excellence in corporate citizenship through creative programming and collaborations. AmCham Shanghai aims to inspire and encourage corporations in developing their CSR goals by showcasing industry best practices and achievements. There are totally 4 award categories including the CSR Changemaker Award, the CSR Innovation Award, the CSR Impact Award, and the NGO/Social Enterprise of the Year Award.

More than 30 companies applied for the CSR award this year and the final winners are: Aptar China for the Changemaker Award, Shanghai Disney Resort for the CSR Innovation Award, HSBC Bank (China) for the CSR Impact Award and Stepping Stones for the NGO/Social Enterprise of the Year Award. Honorable mentions went to Herbalife Nutrition (China), Ford Motor (China), Netspring Green IT Programs and Junior Achievement China.

About Tongji Aptar Future Packaging Lab

Tongji Aptar Future Packaging Lab is a joint Lab co-founded in November, 2020 by College of Design and Innovation (D&I), Tongji University, and Aptar, a global leader in drug delivery, consumer product dispensing and active material science solutions. By leveraging both Tongji and Aptar’s strength and the broader open innovation ecosystem, the Lab is dedicated to exploring a more sustainable future packaging world, and most importantly, walk the talk, contributing to a circular society step by step in real actions with different stakeholders. ​​​​​​​

Different from many other labs which hide themselves inside of school campuses, commercial buildings or industrial parks, Tongji Aptar Future Packaging Lab has a dedicated space for the Lab in an old resident community near Tongji campus. We selected this very location to add new energy to the local community while bringing our Lab, our stakeholders and the ordinary residents closer to each other.

We open our arms to the community residents welcoming them to be our users, our target audience, and our ambassadors. Since the Lab’s set-up, we have done many different kinds of programs/initiatives, for example Sustainability Dialogues, Future Packaging Innovation Challenge, New Material Green Exhibition, various community Charity activities, etc.

The Tongji Aptar Future Packaging Lab is a long-term commitment for both parties. We will also explore the possibilities to set up pop-up Labs in other major cities in the future to contribute more to a more sustainable future packaging world. By continuing create value for our partners which include the school, local community, suppliers, customers, and also consumers. We will keep our purpose and explore the biggest potential to create positive impact on society and the environment.

About the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai

The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, known as the “Voice of American Business” in China, was founded in 1915. AmCham Shanghai was the third American Chamber established outside the United States, and now has 3,000 members from 1,300+ companies. As a non-profit, non-partisan business organization, AmCham Shanghai is committed to the principles of free trade, open markets, private enterprise, and the unrestricted flow of information.

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