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Aptar CSP Technologies Increases Capacity for Diagnostic Test Kits

Patented 3‐Phase Activ‐Polymer™ platform technology protects electrochemical, lateral flow, and molecular diagnostic test kits to assure accurate results.

16 Dec 2020

Aptar CSP Technologies has expanded capacity for producing multiple configurations of its patented 3‐Phase Activ‐Polymer™ technology to support increased demand for diagnostic test kits protection solutions.

The recent surge in the development of new COVID‐19 test kits in tandem with pandemic‐related supply chain challenges has led to increased demand for solutions to improve result accuracy of critical diagnostic tests. Aptar’s 3‐Phase Activ‐Polymer™ technology provides unique and customizable integrated solutions that create a microclimate within both strip‐based and cassette‐format lateral flow tests (Shown above). The user-friendly, seamless integration of this technology adsorbs moisture to provide environmental conditions that preserve test integrity and ensure accurate results.

“With the coronavirus pandemic intensifying, not only are we dealing with a situation where test accuracy is of the utmost importance, but speed of execution is critical and protection throughout the supply chain has become a more formidable challenge,” said Badre Hammond, VP, Commercial Operations, Aptar CSP Technologies. “As a global leader in the protection of diagnostic test kits and trusted partner of leading diagnostic manufacturers for more than 20 years, Aptar has a depth of expertise in this market that can be readily applied to quickly solve the stability challenges diagnostic kit manufacturers are facing as they bring these important test kits to market.”

Aptar’s material‐science based active packaging solutions are currently used to protect a range of electrochemical, lateral flow, and molecular diagnostic test kits on the market today, including Quidel® Corporation’s QuickVue® Influenza Test. The leading diagnostic healthcare manufacturer has trusted Aptar’s 3‐Phase Activ‐Polymer™ technology to protect its lateral flow diagnostic strips from moisture and help ensure test accuracy since 2007.

3‐Phase Activ‐Polymer™ technology provides a broad spectrum of custom‐engineered protection in a variety of configurations. Proven solutions for the diagnostics market include the company’s Activ‐Vial™, which can be used to house swabs or test strips, and Activ‐Film™ and active molded components that can be seamlessly integrated into kit components or packaging.
“We are committed to leveraging our material science expertise to enable our customers to meet the ongoing demand for innovative healthcare solutions that help improve and save lives,” said Hammond. “Expanding our capacity to meet this increased demand and serve this important market during this critical time in our history is a key part of that commitment.”

In addition to diagnostics, 3‐Phase Activ‐Polymer™ technology is utilized in a variety of configurations for a wide range of application fields such as oral solid dose drugs, transdermal drug delivery, medical devices, and probiotics. The technology can be engineered to deliver active packaging solutions that adsorb moisture, scavenge odor, oxygen, or VOCs, emit aromas, or reduce pathogens.

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