Aptar Hosts Capital Markets Day in New York City

On September 5, Aptar hosted its top shareholders and key equity research analysts at the Marriott Marquis New York.

16 Sep 2019

On September 5, Aptar hosted its top shareholders and key equity research analysts at the Marriott Marquis New York. The event included a detailed presentation by Aptar’s senior management team followed by an engaging question and answer session.

Led by Stephan Tanda, President and CEO; other presenters included Bob Kuhn, Executive Vice President and CFO; Shiela Vinczeller, CHRO; Eldon Schaffer; President of Aptar Beauty + Home; Gael Touya, President of Aptar Pharma; Marc Prieur, President of Aptar Food + Beverage; and Xiangwei Gong, President of Aptar Asia.

The theme of the event was Aptar – Global Growth Story which Tanda explained in his opening remarks. “We are a growth story, we have been a growth story, and we have been positioning ourselves to be a growth story for decades to come,” he explained. “We are fortunate that we operate in attractive markets. From both a macro trends and demographic point of view. We win in those markets with solutions that make a difference in consumers’ lives, patients’ lives, in and some cases even help save lives.”

The presentation outlined a number of growth drivers from macro elements such as sustainability, high-growth economies, e-commerce, health and wellness trends, and an aging global population, to micro trends affecting each segment – all of which offer many opportunities. In addition, Tanda reviewed Aptar’s Strategic Priorities and specific areas of focus that form the roadmap toward the company’s long-term objectives. Talent and leadership development, as well as acquisitions and partnerships are among those priorities. Aptar will also look to expand in Asia to capitalize on the growth in population, GDP and specific market sectors; and approach sustainability from several angles to maintain a strong foundation in this area and help customers with innovative solutions.

Tanda closed out the event by saying, “I am incredibly proud of this team. I think that you get not only what we’re doing but how we’re doing it together. We are a growth business, taking advantage of growing markets with our innovative solutions.”

Aptar’s senior management team participated in a panel question and answer session after presenting information on Aptar’s strategy, key initiatives and macro growth drivers.

The event was webcast live and the presentations by management were followed by a question and answer session with the audience and webcast participants.

The presentation materials from the event, along with a replay of the webcast, can be accessed on the Investor Relations page of our website, under “Quick Links”.

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