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Aptar Launches EZ Pour Spouts for an Enhanced Consumer Experience

26 Sep 2017

Aptar is excited to announce the launch of EZ Pour, a one-piece, dispensing spout designed to bring functionality and convenience to dry food products such as candy, granular and powder products, seasonings, pet food and snack foods.

The EZ Pour spout features a convenient flip-lid for easy access and resealability, and offers consumers a controlled, directional pour. The spout also features a built-in tamper-evident pull ring, providing consumers with peace of mind by alerting them of any product tampering prior to use.

Red EZ Pour closure in closed angleRed EZ Pour closure in open angleRed EZ Pour closure, open angle showcasing tamper-evident seal

The EZ Pour spout was developed to improve user experience over current flexible packaging closures, offering a concise pour without the mess. Many flexible pouches on shelves today use zippers or sliders, which do not allow an easy pour.

To learn more about our EZ Pour pouch spout, or any of Aptar’s other stock solutions, please email or visit

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