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Aptar Named a CDP Supplier Engagement Leader for the Fourth Consecutive Year

Aptar was named a CDP Supplier Engagement Leader, for the fourth consecutive year. We are named alongside the 450 companies that have made it onto CDP’s most recent Supplier Engagement Leaderboard.

20 Mar 2024

Aptar was named a CDP Supplier Engagement Leader, for the fourth consecutive year. Aptar is among over 450 companies that have made it onto CDP’s most recent Supplier Engagement Leaderboard based on its 2023 CDP disclosure and was cited for its contributions to emissions reductions throughout the value chain.

CDP evaluates an organization’s engagement with their suppliers on climate change. Purchasing organizations have the potential to incentivize significant environmental changes through engagement with their suppliers. By evaluating supplier engagement and recognizing best practice, CDP aims to accelerate global action on supply chain emissions.

Supplier Engagement Rating:

Aptar received an ‘A’ supplier engagement rating which is in the leadership band and higher than the Global average of ‘C’, and higher than the plastic product manufacturing sector average of ‘C’. As a part of Aptar’s global sustainability strategy, the Company collaborates with thought leaders to cultivate an innovative supply chain that is both socially inclusive and environmentally conscious, to meet customer and consumer needs.

ESG At Aptar:

In recent years, Aptar has worked with suppliers to strategize around emission reduction that affects Aptar’s validated science-based targets within its Carbon Transition Plan. More than 90% of Aptar’s total emissions are scope 3 emissions, and of that, more than 80% are from purchased goods and services – raw materials (namely plastics). For this reason, Aptar collaborates with suppliers, especially those supplying raw materials, to identify lower-carbon options and source materials with more recycled content and more recyclable materials in the design of our products.

Aptar’s Purchasing teams work closely with their suppliers through one-on-one collaboration and through discovery sessions that are hosted during Aptar’s Global Supplier Summit. The summit provides further opportunity to align on Aptar’s Sustainability strategy and vision for the future. In addition to the focus on a more environmentally sustainable supply chain, Aptar has a Supplier Diversity Program that is expanding Aptar’s network of diverse supply chain partners. New in 2023, Aptar released a Supplier Sustainability Playbook to give suppliers information to fulfill the Company’s expectations on sustainability and collaboration in these key areas.

On the Accolade:

“Our fourth consecutive year as a CDP Supplier Engagement Leader reflects the strong collaboration between our Sustainability, Innovation and Purchasing teams where we strategically align with suppliers that are participating in our Supplier Screening process through platforms like EcoVadis,” said Beth Holland, Aptar’s Chief Sustainability Officer. “Our sustainability efforts also provide us a competitive advantage in the marketplace, as many of our products are fully recyclable, made from more sustainable materials, or in some cases, reusable. Our company is run in a sustainable manner with more than 90% of our energy coming from renewable sources and over 60% of our facilities certified as landfill free through our internal program.”

CDP Supplier Engagement Leader Ratings:

CDP’s annual Supplier Engagement Rating (SER) evaluates corporate supply chain engagement on climate issues. By engaging their suppliers on climate change they are playing a crucial role in the transition towards the net-zero sustainable economy. The highest-rated companies are celebrated on CDP’s Supplier Engagement Rating Leaderboard.

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CDP Supplier Engagement Leaderboard

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