Aptar Opens New Technical Education Center in Lincolnton, North Carolina Focused on Training and Retaining Manufacturing Talent

Aptar hosted a grand opening event for its new Technical Education Center (TEC) in Lincolnton, NC.

23 Oct 2019

Aptar hosted a grand opening event for its new Technical Education Center (TEC) in Lincolnton, NC. This facility is part of Aptar’s Corporate Vocational University (CVU) training program and will provide both six and twelve month training opportunities for manufacturing roles. The program is intended to expand to other Aptar facilities and countries in the coming years.

“The availability of technical skilled workers is a precondition to reach operational excellence at Aptar and an internal education program will be a critical advantage for us,” explained Stephan Tanda, Aptar President and CEO. “We are pleased that our Technical Education Center will provide manufacturing career opportunities for our people and for new talent from the communities where we live and work.”

The TEC center was created to educate and train technical workers for Aptar’s global network of manufacturing facilities. The new center features the latest technology, machinery, tools and training equipment that will be used to train an average of 20-24 apprentices each year. During their apprenticeship, students will split their time between working at their local facility and attending courses at the TEC. The first student Molding Set-Up Technician class has already begun and the students are working on manual material processing, mechanical basics and injection molding processes, along with focusing on Environment, Health & Safety principles.

“We look forward to expanding the Technical Education Center concept into other geographic regions,” said Dr. Thomas Eichberger, an Operations Vice President at Aptar who oversees the Corporate Vocational University. “We foresee a bright future of continued training with additional qualification levels and work streams tailored to Aptar’s manufacturing needs along with the needs of the local community.”

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