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Aptar Pharma’s OSD launched with Allergan’s REFRESH® RELIEVA™ artificial tear formulation in the US market

Aptar Pharma is pleased to announce that its innovative, preservative-free multidose Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser is the delivery system for Allergan’s REFRESH® RELIEVA™ PF, its new over-the-counter (OTC) preservative-free treatment for eye dryness in the U.S.

22 Nov 2019

This use reconfirms the market-leading position of Aptar Pharma’s Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser as the multidose delivery system for ophthalmic agents and formulations without preservatives for prescription and OTC products.

Launched along with REFRESH® RELIEVA™ PF are REFRESH® RELIEVA™ and REFRESH® RELIEVA™ FOR CONTACTS. This new line of artificial tear formulations from Allergan is specifically developed to relieve discomfort due to eye dryness and to prevent further irritation. REFRESH®, a doctor recommended brand for artificial tears, further expands its portfolio by offering the only family of products in the U.S. with carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), hyaluronic acid (HA, an inactive ingredient), glycerin, and Allergan’s HydroCell™ technology. This formulation enables hydration and maintains the volume of cells on the ocular surface.

Preservatives have been known to cause signs and symptoms of irritation, allergy and ocular surface toxicity. Aptar Pharma has been partnering with Allergan across numerous preservative-free product launches.

“Our Ophthalmic Squeeze Dispenser technology has been launched with close to 450 preservative-free eye care products worldwide. Its proven microbiological integrity combined with a diverse technological platform enables our customers to introduce their formulations to market in the purest form and offering outstanding convenience, meeting the needs of consumers and patients,” explained Matthias Birkhoff, VP Business Development, Aptar Pharma. “By offering our well tested and established technology for multidose preservative-free systems, our customers can rely on Aptar Pharma’s comprehensive service package to support their development of eye care products without preservatives.”

Allergan is a leader in eye care, with 70 years of experience and over 125 eye care products launched, among those some of the most innovative products in the industry.

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Photo: Courtesy of Allergan

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