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Aptar x Capsum Microfluidic Technology For Personalized Skin Care

Aptar and Capsum, the microfluidics specialist, focus on the customization of its dispensing packaging and formulas.

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1 Sep 2019

Between A Holistic Vision and “Skip-Care”

Aptar supports brands from design to creation of their project, thanks to its accurate knowledge of trends and consumer insights. The growing importance given to the holistic dimension of beauty combined with the rise of “skip-care”, which advocates reducing the number of products used in beauty routines, has led Aptar to design innovative packaging in which content and container act in symbiosis.

This thinking has given rise to Neomix, a bottle with a double dispensing system that allows the consumer to create a new product with just one click thanks to the “express” combination of a skincare product and a booster developed by Capsum.

“A La Carte” Skincare

The Neomix duo packaging contains the skincare base formula in its main container, while the central chamber houses a second and smaller booster cartridge that clips into the bottle. Simply press the button to instantly mix the two formulas.

In this way, consumers can enjoy a skincare product with dual benefits perfectly customized to their needs. First, they can choose a lightweight and fluid cream with a velvety finish, perfect for combination skin to oily skin, or a rich and enveloping texture to offer dry skin comfort and nutrition without overloading it. Then, they can simply add the booster of their choice to create a tailor-made skincare product.

Each booster cartridge reinforces the skincare action, delivering an additional benefit depending on whether the epidermis needs hydration (via a hyaluronic acid + acai berry mix), an anti- ageing action (biopolymer and raspberry vegetable oil) or radiance (white lily extract and babassu oil).

When Neomix Meets Microfluidics

These original formulas of creams and boosters have been developed by Capsum, the only company in the world to invent microfluidic technologies for the cosmetics industry.

This patented process allows water and oil, the two essential components of an emulsion, to be manipulated in small tubes to create drop-by-drop textures in the form of pearls or visual bubbles.

Each microcapsule is protected by a thin membrane, which encapsulates active ingredients, for increased efficiency. It is also this membrane which separates the two phases – water and oil, until the application, offering each consumer a two-step sensory experience combining freshness and comfort.

Capsum puts this unique know-how to good use on behalf of the brands with which it works.

Less Is More!

Neomix technology combined with Capsum’s microfluidics allows brands to showcase their formula or highlight their star active ingredient to create a product that is unique on the market. Their customers will have the opportunity to personalize their skincare and only use a single product morning and/or night instead of their usual serum and cream. This simplified beauty routine is on trend and also saves time… and money!

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