Aptar’s Corporate University Receives Gold Award for Culture and Technology at the GlobalCCU Awards e-Ceremony

Aptar’s Corporate University is recognized with the gold award for Culture and Technology at the 2021 Global CCU Awards.

14 May 2021

Aptar’s Corporate University was recently recognized with the gold award for Culture and Technology at the 2021 Global CCU Awards. In the laudatory speech announcing Aptar as winner of this category, Annick Renaud-Coulon, President of Univencis and founder of GlobalCCU, said:

“Aptar Corporate University is an amazing Corporate University aligned to support the business and to unite employees about the Aptar Way, having found the right balance between strategy, structure, culture and changing world vision.

This venue where employees meet Aptar for networking, learning, discovery and celebrating Aptar is very close to the CEO who guides its programs, and the executive committee, as well as with their client system. Aptar Corporate University is an outstanding learning ecosystem operating in seven languages around the world, respecting the local cultures, uniting generations with the support of retired employees, including the former CEO, and existing executives, as storytellers.

It is a crucible of high professionalism and strategic thinking, learning experiences, and innovation all with a warm human touch in its programs, which are very well designed and illustrated.

They provided a great deal of support during the pandemic crisis. With agility and determination, they worked on their external and internal drivers for agility and built a remarkable vision on leadership using hybrid learning in a post COVID-19 world, a future hybrid learning.”

Aptar has a team of global professionals around the world who support its Corporate University programming and Aptar’s Chief Enterprise Learning & Development Officer, Meinrad Arnold explained, “Winning first place in the prestigious category of Culture and Technology is fantastic. Our Aptar Corporate University received an award for its inductive learning journey, which covers Diversity & Inclusion, Responsibility, Leadership, Career Paths and simply ‘being human’. It’s not something Aptar brought in from outside, copied from another famous brand or implemented with the help of a consultant; it’s our own story, the Aptar Way of doing things!”

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