Aptar’s Pressurized Packaging Helps Protect Your Preservative-Free Foods

Our pressurized packaging solutions bring convenience and ease to the preservative-foods market.

15 Oct 2019

As the global leader in dispensing closures, Aptar Food + Beverage provides a wide range of innovative solutions to enhance the consumer experience. Our pressurized packaging solutions bring convenience and ease to the preservative-foods market.

Promote increased freshness

Organic foods have seen dramatic growth worldwide, requiring food producers to work harder to ensure their product’s quality throughout its life. Aptar’s pressurized packaging, also known as Bag-on-Valve (BOV) system, helps to ensure the food purity by separating the contents from propellant and metal cans. This allows food producers the ability to avoid using additional preservatives, and to bring the best quality possible to the consumers.

The tight seal of pressurized packaging’s valve helps prevent contamination when using or storing foods. Two layers of packaging, consisting of metal or PET bottle and a multi-layer bag, ultimately aids in protecting food from air and sunlight throughout its life.

Provide outstanding convenience

In addition to providing freshness, Aptar’s BOV gives consumers the ability to have a continuous spray while cooking, baking, and preparing salads. This exciting innovation also helps to reduce the use of multiple tools, as consumers can dispense the product using just one hand, and do not need to use an extra spoon to cover the pan. The actuators, WAZ, WS25, Athena, and Apollo allow consumers to spray or pour with different patterns, even foaming. Aptar has developed specific inserts for oils and vinegars to achieve a fine mist spray with consistent distribution.

Instead of using volatile organic compounds (VOC) propellant, which can have harmful effects to the ozone layer and environment, Aptar’s pressurized packaging technology uses compressed air or nitrogen as propellant. In addition, the container can be recycled, so both consumers and companies can help reduce waste in landfills.

Use for various applications

Aptar offers various bag sizes, from 30ml to 500ml, to meet the needs of both customers and consumers. Aptar’s BOV system is applicable to numerous products, including those with viscous consistencies, like salad dressings or flavor extracts. These solutions are available in 1 inch neck size, and can be color-customized to fit any brand.

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