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Covid-19 Foresight 2020 Study by Aptar Beauty + Home over 9600 consumers and 4 key geographies

A deep dive into consumer needs and new emerging trends in the Beauty, Personal care and Home care markets.

10 Nov 2020

At Aptar Beauty + Home, we are inspired by changing lifestyles to create packaging experiences with innovative responsible solutions. This year, our purpose has brought on a whole new meaning as every one of us has faced daunting and disruptive lifestyle changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is for this reason that we decided to launch in June 2020, the 1st wave of our Covid-19 Foresight study. A study run across four key countries in four continents – (France, the US, China and Brazil) – and over 9600 consumers. Our aim: to keep track of and learn from the dramatic shifts the pandemic has generated in people’s preferences, behaviors and priorities, especially in the area of beauty, personal and home care.

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks as we will be sharing more about the implications, trends, and specificities of our study as well as our findings of how packaging matters differently in the new normal. Topics covered include: consumption & retail, the current socio-economic reality, new consumer segmentation, impact on product categories and geographic focuses.

Watch this space for more highlights from our ongoing Covid-19 Foresight study and get key insights on the beauty, personal and home care markets.

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