Aptar launched SheerMist – the new mechanical break-up insert that creates a gentle, fine mist spray. The SheerMist insert provides key benefits* to consumers including a soft, uniform and quick drying spray – the result of low spray flow rate and fine particle size dispersion.

SheerMist is ideal for compressed gas aerosols (Air/Nitrogen with Ariane Valve or Bag on Valve). Unlike some spray inserts, SheerMist maintains the quality of its spray performance throughout the product’s lifetime without loss of pressure. It also has the drying characteristics of sprays that use conventional liquefied propellants, while offering additional advantages, including reduced environmental impact, which has been validated by a Life Cycle Assessment; no need for the finished product to be classified as flammable (valid only for no alcohol or nonflammable ingredients); quieter dispersion, as aerosol products are more silent; pure formulation, and improved safety and affordability.

SheerMist is ideal for deodorant, body treatment, facial skincare (thermal water), air freshener, insect repellent, polish, duster or for any personal care or home care product that requires a soft, quick drying, fine spray. SheerMist is designed for alcohol or water-based formulations and is compatible with all aerosol accessories from the Aptar range, which allows marketers to customize the look and function of the package.

For more information, please send an email to newsroom@aptar.com.

* Key benefits are formulation dependent

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