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Join Aptar Food + Beverage on the Third Webinar of the Series “There is No Planet B”, on October 10

October 10, 2022 3:00 PM London / 10:00 AM New York 1 Hour
31 Aug 2022

Take the Next Step on Your Brand’s Sustainability Journey

Two critical goals for many global CPG brands within the food and beverage industries are to achieve a fully recyclable package and to incorporate a percentage of recycled content in packaging by 2025.

As brands identify prospective paths toward these ambitious packaging sustainability targets, they may face multiple challenges along the way. Some of these challenges arise from external forces such as regulatory or supply chain availability, or internally, such as the ability to face the transformational big changes in their base business. Whether these challenges are related to global and regional regulatory requirements, food-grade PCR, recycled content availability, or partnering with suppliers that may not have the ability to support in multiple regional markets around the world, these topics need to be addressed quickly so brands can meet their targets in a timely, most effective way.

How do we start to translate this global big picture challenge? How do we reflect the regional view, especially in areas where change requirements are approaching so quickly?

Join us in this LIVE event, the third webinar of the series “There is No Planet B”, where Aptar’s Food + Beverage experts across multiple regions worldwide will be together to address packaging sustainability challenges for our industry, partners, and customers.

We look forward to helping you take the next step on your brand’s sustainability journey, provide you with new ways to think about packaging sustainability and strategies, and support food and beverage industry growth, so together, we can take better care of our planet.

Have questions we can answer during the session? While you will have a chance to submit questions during the event, you can also send them in advance to aptar.fb@aptar.com

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Key regulatory drivers across regions and how they may translate into other regions in the future
  • Key sustainability topics and viewpoints in different regions: EMEA, North America, Latin America, and China
  • Key regional differences between levels of recyclability challenges, accomplishments, and requirements

Aptar Panel of Experts:

  • Susan DeGroot, Market Development Director, North America
  • Nathalie Jude, Global Sustainability Director, Food + Beverage
  • Scottie Liu, Market Development, Northeast Asia
  • Arthur Lenoir, Market Development Director, EMEA
  • Virginia Murray, Vice President, Generating Demand
  • Antonio Ponce, Market Development, Latin America

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