New Ways of Learning from Aptar Corporate University

Corporate University continues to support new ways of thinking and working through a variety of accessible ways to foster learning and personal growth.

22 Feb 2021

Agnes Nagy, Senior Manager, Corporate Training Management for AptarGroup, was the key speaker at a recent global webinar hosted by Cegos, a company specializing in training and development. Addressing the subject “Transforming the global learning experience”, Agnes shared how, in response to the pandemic, Aptar Corporate University (CU) has undertaken a rapid transformation from face-to-face training to a fully online and globally accessible learning resource to support its global workforce.

Aptar CU offers training programs in leadership, sales and business topics developed by Aptar for Aptar to support and respond to the specific needs of the business and individuals’ personal development. Within six months of its online transformation, Aptar CU had 14 training programs running in the virtual environment, supported by a variety of learning formats, include self-learning, online sessions with trainers and moderators, 1:1 coaching and eLearning.

The focus of the webinar, which was attended by a variety of training and HR professionals, was Micro-Learning, which enables learners to access short bursts of content to study at their convenience on their mobile devices and laptops. As part of Aptar’s drive to shift to a virtual working environment, the CU partnered with Cegos to develop a Commercial Excellence Micro-Learning course to help the global sales force to manage customer opportunities more effectively online.

The participants for this Micro-Learning course welcome the ability to learn when and where they want. They also enjoy how the learning content combines scenarios, models, tools and activity-based tasks that allow them to apply their knowledge to their daily work. Supported by online coaching clinics, the learners are able to leverage a blend of self-paced learning with online workshops and forums, exchanging experiences with their tutor and learning group.

As Agnes revealed in the webinar, Micro-Learning is part of a suite of initiatives that sees the CU looking ahead to combining face-to-face training with its online resources. In this way, the CU will continue to support new ways of thinking and working through a variety of accessible ways to foster learning and personal growth.

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