Sirius Airless Packaging



Sirius is a classic high-end airless packaging with a sophisticated transparent barrel and overcap and metal base.

Sirius is a premium airless packaging offering a reinforced barrier effect due its thickers than usual walls (3 mm thickness). The airless technology guarantees the protection of even the most fragile formulas with an excellent product evacuation rate and leakproof 360° dispensing. Sirius features a wide range of personalization and decoration options.

Key Features:​

  • Volume: 15, 30, 50 ml
  • Dosage: 150, 200, 240 mcl
  • Top fill airless piston
  • Metal free path cartridge available, possibility to pair it with self-sealing Cocoon or T10 actuators for optimal formula protection
  • POM free
  • Several finishes and actuators available, several materials for barrel and base
  • Available in EMEA region

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