EuroMist Heaven

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A Sensorial Spray Experience

EuroMist Heaven’s prolonged activation offers a more sensuous dispensing experience for the consumer with an effortless, softer feeling actuation over the duration of the spray.

Up to three times longer spray duration allows consumers to apply body sprays with a sweeping gesture for increased coverage and uniform fragrance. This wider gesture of dispense allows for fewer particles to land in one area giving the feeling of a drier spray.

Key Features:

  • Formula Type: Alcohol and water based formulas
  • Dosage Options: 140 mcl, 160 mcl, 190 mcl
  • Neck Finishes: 20/410, 22/415, 24/410
  • Finishes: Smooth Wall, Ribbed, Metal Shell
  • Production Ready: North America


  • The Benchmark Spray Pump in the Market
  • High Compatibility

Euromist Heaven Sets the Standard

High-quality functionality meets iconic performance.

Functional Inserts for a Broad Range of Formulas

Euromist offers a wide variety of inserts to maximize your product output, without having to change your brand aesthetic.

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