Leblon Snap Top

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Food + Beverage

Leblon is a lightweight snap top closure that includes a fully recyclable flow control valve with SimpliCycle™ technology.

This solution is perfect for providing a clean, enhanced dispersing experience by allowing consumers to choose how much product to dispense.

Available in 38mm neck finish.

Manufacturing Location: Brazil

Achieve Sustainability Targets

  • Leblon is designed to use fewer raw materials. When paired with SimpliCycle — which is easily separated from the PET recycling stream—Leblon is a dispensing solution that is recyclable at the end of use, without compromising on performance.
  • Leblon aims to help brands comply with packaging regulations and potentially achieve eco-taxes reduction while appealing to environmentally conscious consumers who are committed to using recyclable products.

Convenience for Consumers

  • Besides being easy to open and close, this solution also allows consumers to dispense precise doses of products time after time. A clean cut-off and tight valve minimize stringing, spurts, and drops. The valve slitting remains consistent, making it ready to use in inverted dispensing systems while reducing the risk of product leakage.
  • Consumers also benefit from a robust hinge and upgraded finger recess for a smoother grip. In addition, a smooth and straight product flow reduces the chance of leaks; altogether, providing a much more hygienic and pleasant experience.

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