2″ Ultra XLV Snap Top

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Food + Beverage

2″ Ultra XLV Snap Top is an expansion of our 2” Ultra product line, offering a large flow control valve with SimpliSqueeze® technology. This large valve is ideal for providing a clean dispensing experience for high-viscosity products including those with particulates.

Available in 33mm and 38mm neck finish options.

Manufacturing Location: United States – Lincolnton, NC

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Product Details

Bringing Dispensing to a Wider Range of Products

This large SimpliSqueeze flow control valve is the reason products that previously needed a utensil to be spread can now be conveniently squeezed. From dispensing high viscosity products such as peanut butter or cream cheese to dispensing products with particulates such as guacamole or salsa, the 2” Ultra XLV Snap Top can handle it all.

Convenient Dispensing Experience

Over the last two decades, the SimpliSqueeze flow control valve has delivered to market a consistent, clean, and controlled dispensing experience. This remains true with the large valve offering which enables products that have historically been in non-dispensing packagings—such as tubs or glass—to now be conveniently squeezed for increased consumer satisfaction.

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