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The Press’Air system is comprised of an optimized valve that is adapted to compressed air or nitrogen. It allows for continuous diffusion and a high spray quality. Press’Air is an ideal solution for liquid formulas such as alcohol-based deodorants, alcohol-based sunscreens, water mists, air fresheners and sanitizers!

Key Features:

  • Available Actuators: All spray actuators
  • Valve Compatibility: Optimized valve for ARM or Ariane ball valve
  • Available Inserts: 1531, 2077, 2078, 2520, 3020, 3021, 3042
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Why Choose Press’Air?

  • Safety
  • Sensory Experience
  • Formulation Compatibility
  • Proven Reliable Technology

Low amount of inhalable particles

The use of compressed air or nitrogen instead of LPG enables the Press’Air system to emit a reduced amount of inhalable particles.

Soft spray 

Press’Air offers a nice fine mist with a soft spray and sound. In addition, users get a better sensory experience due to the absence of the smell of gas.

Suitable with sensitive formulas

Press’Air technology is compatible with liquid formulas from alcohol-based deodorants, to air fresheners and sanitizers. The possibility to use gas such as nitrogen avoids the creation of chemical reactions like oxidation, making Press’Air suitable even with sensitive and complex formulas.


Optimized & versatile technology

Press’Air is reliable and versatile. The technology can be combined with seven inserts and all of our spray actuators. Available high volume capacity in EMEA.

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