Elastomeric Valves


Aptar Pharma is a global leader of innovative elastomer and plastic valves, seals, and other fluid-flow products for a wide range of fluid management systems, which are critical components for a diverse list of key global markets. Our proprietary normally closed valve is designed to solve fluid management challenges with Statistical Process controls.

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Flexible Valves, Solid Solutions

Delivering quality and safety

Aptar Pharma is very successful in meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers. Our in-house services include design, model making, prototyping, mold construction, a proprietary molding process, and expertise in integrating silicone and plastic components. Our proprietary system is specifically designed to produce precise, high-quality silicone components.

Our quality department uses real-time SPC (Statistical Process Control) monitoring and state-of-the-art optical inspection equipment, battery of laboratory inspections, to ensure each part meets or exceeds expectations.

Expertise coupled with experience

We have over 25 years of experience in designing elastomeric-based flow-control valves. We’ve designed and commercialized everything from duckbill valves to umbrella valves. Our expertise and experience led us to our revolutionary valve design, which has proven successful in a wide range of applications.

A customized approach

Our valves are designed to designed to provide you a custom plastic valve-assembly and fitment to meet your specific flow control needs.

Working with designers and engineers around the world, we can select from thousands of product configurations and component parts, or assist in the development of a custom design — whether your needs are for a one-piece silicone component or complete plastic subassembly. This total-solutions approach offers you a competitive, economical advantage.

Elastomeric Valve Advantages

  • Proprietary Design
  • Customizable Check Valve

Protecting your IP as much as your patients

Our valves provide the best choice for precise dimensional accuracy and close flow-control tolerances.

Check valve with one-way and bi-directional designs

Our valves are ideally suited for applications requiring effective bidirectional and one way flow control.

Product Details

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