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Advanced Stopper Solution – PremiumCoat®: Proven Compatibility With Current Vial Standards

Whether in the development of new drug products and generics or when repurposing existing drugs, the importance of packaging should never be underestimated. An understanding of the materials involved and an awareness of their compatibility is essential to achieve a secure, hospitable environment that pro­tects a drug until it needs to be used.

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Author(s): Sébastien Cordier Bruno Morchain Estelle Verger
Drug Development and Delivery
9 Sep 2021

The primary container, which is in direct contact with the drug product, plays a critical role in preserving the drug’s integrity from the initial point of production through to packaging, distribution, short- or long-term storage, and the moment at which it is ad­ministered. Any failure associated with the primary container has the potential to result in serious adverse effects for the patient or the healthcare practitioner, which, aside from the human impact, can have significant financial implications for the drug manufac­turer.

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