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Delivery of Biologics to the Nasal Cavity: The Future of Nasal Drug Delivery

There is intense interest in delivering biologics via the nasal cavity. This is the inevitable outcome of the growing dominance of biologics in the drug development pipeline and an increasingly impressive track record of systemic nasal drug delivery.

This half-day session draws together leading experts in the field of nasal drug delivery to look at the associated challenges and to provide advice and guidance based on state-of-the-art understanding of this complex area.

Biological actives such as antibodies, recombinant proteins, and fusion proteins are far larger and more complex than their small molecule counterparts. Sensitive to handling and storage strategies, difficult to robustly characterize and presenting a much higher risk of immunogenicity, biologics present a significant challenge for nasal drug product developers.

February 6, 2024 2:00 PM London / 9:00 AM New York 3 Hours
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Presented by Dr. Jag Shur Dr. Irene Rossi Dr. Julie Suman Dr. Paul Shields
27 Mar 2023


In this course the speakers will:

  • Highlight the complexities of biologic drug delivery within the context of the nasal route notably the need to control pharmacokinetics (PK); ensure stability; target the drug; reduce immunogenicity; and establish a robust manufacturing route.
  • Explore formulation topics such as the importance and relevance of physicochemical properties and stability; fundamental suitability for nasal delivery; mucoadhesiveness, solubility and permeation; and nanoparticulate carrier systems.
  • Discuss the relative merits of liquid and powder formulations along with the selection criteria of a drug delivery technology and options for each; drug delivery solutions for pre-clinical trials; the importance of effective patient training and onboarding; and how digital technology can help.
  • Consider how to prepare for a clinical trial highlighting issues to address in schedule planning; locking down the formulation; drug manufacture; drug product release testing; stability studies; and with regulatory requirements.

 Learn from leading experts about the potential, the challenges, and the progress in this exciting area of drug development.



Our panel of speakers is shown below:

  • Dr Jag Shur, VP Science & Technology, Nanopharm, an Aptar Pharma company
  • Dr Irene Rossi, Head of New Modalities Pharmaceutical Development, Nanopharm, an Aptar Pharma company
  • Dr Julie Suman, Vice President Scientific Affairs, Aptar Pharma
  • Dr Paul Shields, CEO, Enteris Biopharma Inc.
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