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The Role of Packaging Dispensing in Making Beauty More Inclusive

The question of inclusivity within the beauty world has never been more pertinent. This White Paper underscores the vital importance of making beauty accessible to everyone. It sheds light on how packaging design, particularly in dispensing products, can play a pivotal role in creating inclusive beauty experiences.

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White Paper Inclusive Design
16 Oct 2023

When taking a deeper look at the needs and considerations of consumers with fine motor skill issues and the elderly, we realized that we needed to double our efforts to search for ways to ensure that our products could be used and experienced by all with limited effort and difficulty.

By embracing universal design principles and implementing accessible features, beauty brands can truly connect with a broader audience and meet the specific needs of those who have been underserved for too long. 

The objective of this White Paper is to spark discussions within the beauty industry and encourage beauty brands to reevaluate their packaging design strategies. Discover how universal design principles can cater to the specific needs of a wide range of individuals, notably those with fine motor disorders.

We hope this will be a valuable resource for Beauty industry professionals who are committed to creating a more inclusive and accessible product experience, where packaging is easily usable for all.



“At Aptar we have a strong focus on supporting and celebrating all types of diversity.  I fully endorse this initiative aimed at producing more inclusive beauty packaging designs, as it aligns with Aptar’s purpose of transforming ideas into solutions that improve everyday life. “

Marcia Thomas, Global Diversity & Inclusion Director





What You Will Learn: 

  • The evolution of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Beauty
  • A market overview of who inclusive packaging design aims to serve, their needs & expectations
  • How beauty brands today are addressing inclusivity through packaging
  • How Aptar Beauty is incorporating inclusive packaging design into our innovation strategy



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