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Sustainable material sourcing is a major priority for Aptar, our customers and our stakeholders

As concerns about nonrenewable resources and environmental impacts grow, we understand that sustainable-material sourcing is top of mind for customers and other stakeholders. To better address this key area, we have established a dedicated product sustainability team within Aptar’s Innovation Excellence Organization.

Aptar partners with like-minded organizations to reinforce our pledge to care for our planet and reduce our environmental impact, particularly with regard to recycling, reducing plastic waste and promoting a more circular plastics economy.

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The definition of sustainability in packaging aligns with a circular economy approach to plastic and waste.

Aptar strives to:


Eliminate items that are not needed, which may include unnecessary packaging components.


Circulate used plastic and packaging to keep it in the economy and out of the environment.


Innovate so that necessary plastic and packaging are designed to be safely reused, recycled or composted.

What we believe

We believe that 100 percent of all plastic packaging should be recycled. We are also well positioned to help our customers achieve their own, similar objectives, which, for some, includes packaging that is 100 percent recyclable or reusable by 2025. Today, we offer all-plastic solutions that are recyclable depending on the local recycling program.

We also believe that it is up to packaging manufacturers to be active and public advocates for both the industry transformation and the policy interventions needed to deliver our vision of 100 percent of packaging being first collected and then recycled.

Our commitment

Aptar is committed to achieving 10 percent recycled content for our dispensing solutions for the beauty, personal care, home care and food and beverage markets by 2025. This is an evolving target due to the limited availability of material suitable for our markets because of regulatory constraints and customer policies. We are actively working to identify and qualify new technologies in this space, such as post-consumer resins and food contact certified recycled resins.

We value our partnerships throughout this process, and we are working closely with our supply chain and customers to revisit our existing product portfolio and new product offerings.

The ISCC is a leading certification system that ensures traceability and feedstock identity and can help validate sustainability claims around recycled content. In 2021, we achieved the ISCC Plus certification for 10 of our European manufacturing sites, including all sites in Spain and Italy, with more certifications to come. Find out which Aptar sites have this certification.

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