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33-400 Directional Snap Top with .187 Orifice

10 Oct 2017

Aptar’s 33-400 Directional Snap Top closure is now available with a .187 orifice.  With the .250 orifice already production-ready, the .187 orifice has been added to allow for more controlled dispensing of products with thinner viscosities.

The 33-400 Directional Snap Top has an up-to-date design to enhance shelf appeal, while the contoured lid signals directionality on the store shelf.

The 2-1/8” Ecolite closure comes equipped with Aptar’s SimpliSqueeze® valve technology to provide consumers with a clean and controlled dispense every time.

A raised pouring lip ensures that the product will have precise dispensing and clean cut-off. The elongated and contoured spout helps improve directionality, while the stay-clean lid opens wide and stays open to ensure a clean, no-hassle dispense.

If you would like to know more about the Ecolite closure, please email or visit our website

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