Aptar Achieves ISO 14064 Certification for Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reporting

Having reliable systems helps us understand consumption, set appropriate targets and monitor progress.

8 May 2020

Every year Aptar undergoes data assurance as part of our sustainability reporting. This data assurance process allows for consumption of electricity, fuel oil, and natural gas, and renewable energy purchases to be verified for accuracy and completeness by an external organization. This verification is important as it proves accuracy of Aptar’s annual corporate sustainability report and Carbon Disclosure Project responses, which is important for key stakeholders like our customers and investors.

​​​​​​​In past years we have achieved a “limited assurance” statement which verified the accuracy of carbon emissions and associated absolute energy (electricity, fuels, natural gas, refrigerants). This year we added a process to assure emissions associated with raw materials, travel, and the shipment of our products. Also new this year is the official ISO certification. During the assurance, emissions data from each individual Aptar site is reviewed and there are a select number of sites who undergo site-level audits. Usually the audits take place on-site, but they were mostly conducted virtually in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.Thank you and congratulations to all Aptar sites, and an extra special thanks to the sites that were audited.

This initiative was led by Michele Del Grosso, Global Sustainability Project Manager who commented, “I am so grateful to the regional and local EHS leaders and members of the IS team who have supported this journey, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. With this achievement, we boost the reliability and credibility of our sustainability performance in front of our customers, suppliers and shareholders.”

Having reliable systems helps us understand consumption, set appropriate targets and monitor progress. We will announce Science-Based Targets later this year, on our journey to net zero emissions.

Aptar’s sustainability reports and data assurance statements can be found here on the Aptar website.

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