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Future Disc Top: At the Forefront of Packaging Sustainability

By Nicola Maffi Director of Operational Marketing, EMEA
27 Jun 2024

Sustainability is behind everything we create at Aptar Closures.  This focus drives the initiatives we take and inspires the solutions we bring to market. Among our latest innovations is Future Disc Top, the first in a series of three fully recyclable* disc top closures for beauty and personal care applications.

Successfully implementing a sustainability mindset in a sector as busy and demanding as beauty and personal care requires a particularly high level of dedication from every party involved. Today’s consumers are acutely aware of the impact of waste and many actively seek to minimize their environmental footprint and closely evaluate each beauty product and packaging before buying.

Consumers, especially the younger generations, are searching for personal value in everything they do and are looking to connect with innovative beauty brands that stand out from the crowd – brands that share their values about protecting the environment and understand their concerns about the future. The recyclability of packaging is a key factor influencing their purchasing decisions.

At Aptar Closures, we understand that developing packaging solutions that consider environmental impact is crucial. Products should be designed with recycling in mind and the experience should be as simple and smooth as possible for the consumer. We have introduced Future Disc Top to support our brand partners so they can deliver on their promises for sustainable packaging, bringing value to consumers through recyclability and functionality.

Expanding the Aptar Closures portfolio of fully-recyclable solutions, Future Disc Top is made from 100% polyethylene (PE), one of the most recycled packaging materials available. When paired with a PE or PET bottle, the entire packaging solution becomes one recyclable unit, helping to prevent contamination of the plastic recycling waste stream. Future Disc Top also elevates the consumer experience with its integrated lock/unlock ring that helps prevent product leakage and waste.

Future Disc Top has been granted recyclability certification from Europe’s most notable classification organizations, including RecyClass and Institut cyclos-HTP. Furthermore, it has received Amazon’s ISTA-6 certification, which means the closure is able to withstand the stresses and strains of the e-commerce journey. Consequently, returns due to packaging failure and the waste created by protective packaging that is usually needed for transportation can be significantly reduced – another tick in terms of sustainability.

By incorporating a mono-material solution like Future Disc Top, our brand partners can respond to the rallying cries for full recyclability of packaging. Not only can they deliver the latest in sustainability design, but they can also give consumers the best possible user experience with high-quality packaging that mirrors the brand’s values.

Find more information about Future Disc Top here.

*Future Disc Top is mono-material and fully recyclable when paired with a PE or PET bottle.


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