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Aptar Closures Introduces Future Disc-Top: a Fully Recyclable, E-commerce-Capable Closure for Beauty and Personal Care Applications

Aptar’s Future Disc Top closure is the first in a three-item series of e-commerce capable disc top dispensing solutions to be launched globally this year.

29 Feb 2024

Introducing our newest fully-recyclable* and e-commerce-capable locking disc top closure! Named Future Disc Top, this versatile closure is the first in a series of three innovative disc top dispensing solutions the company will introduce globally this year for beauty, personal care and home care applications.

Designed with e-commerce in mind, Future Disc Top incorporates a locking/unlocking ring that ensures it remains secure during transit and minimizes potential breakage or leaks. The closure is Amazon ISTA-6 compliant, signifying it can withstand transport hazards normally encountered during handling and transportation. The locking ring feature aims to ensure customers are getting the packaging experience expected from brands while helping to prevent revenue and reputation loss related to damaged products. While the visible locking ring keeps the package secure, the Future Disc Top is easy to open and close, making it ideal for consumers’ peace of mind and convenience when on the go.

Incorporating Future Disc Top can also help brands meet sustainability goals. Comprised of 100% polyethylene (PE), the first-of-its-kind mono-material, Future Disc Top closure creates a fully recyclable packaging solution when paired with PE and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. Versions of the closure produced with post-consumer recyclable (PCR) content are also available. Future Disc Top has achieved a Class A rating from the EU’s RecyClass sustainability validation organization and is certified by Cyclos-HTP, the Institute for Recyclability and Product Responsibility in Europe.

With a three-piece design, the Future Disc Top is available in numerous color variations. The closure is currently being produced in a 24-410 neck finish and is suitable for a wide range of formulas and viscosities. The Future Disc Top pairs well with its companion, the Future Lotion Pump.

“Beauty and personal care products are among the fastest-growing categories in e-commerce, and we are committed to leveraging our passion and expertise to develop innovative packaging solutions that align with market demands while furthering sustainability,” said Virginia Murray, Vice President Generating Demand at Aptar Closures. “Our Future Disc Top is just one of several strategic additions to our expanding e-commerce portfolio that aims to provide our brand partners with a superior packaging experience that exceeds the expectations of consumers.”

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*Future Disc Top is mono-material and fully recyclable when paired with a PE or PET bottle.

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