Aptar Announces the Launch of its First Employee Resource Group, ALIGN

Aptar is proud to announce the launch of its first employee resource group, ALIGN (Aptar, Lead, Inspire, Grow, Now) as a support to the company’s strategy to be a more diverse and inclusive organization.

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7 Apr 2021

ALIGN focuses on gender equity and its purpose is to champion the development and upward progression of women regardless of gender. ALIGN will provide a forum for all employees to actively participate in Aptar’s Diversity & Inclusion initiatives and contribute in furthering D&I at Aptar.

The launch of ALIGN was announced during an internal worldwide webinar on “Women in Leadership” that was held on March 8th 2021, in celebration of International Women’s Day. In celebration of the event, employees we’re invited to participate in the #ChooseToChallenge campaign and pledge their support to helping advocate for women everywhere.

Hedi Tili, President of Food + Beverage, acting as the Executive Sponsor of ALIGN, believes that “ALIGN will empower women in ways that resonate with their needs and ambition to achieve their full potential.”

Amira Ghozali, Director Strategy for the Pharma Segment and Chair of ALIGN stated that the “ERG’s mission was not only to connect women across the organization but also to engage men and gender-neutral employees”. Echoed by Virginia Murray, Co-Chair of ALIGN, “By raising awareness and helping open minded high level male leaders see that our world is not the same as theirs, and that diversity is a tremendous source of complementary skills and talents, we can work together on making our diversity a great tool for the success of our business.”

ALIGN is just one  step in Aptar’s D&I roadmap. As CHRO, Shiela Vinczeller shared in her vision of D&I at Aptar: “We think about diversity as everything that makes us unique. D&I is part of our strategy, of our roadmap and at the heart of our discussions. As we develop our roadmap to make progress in all D&I areas, our first area of focus is better gender balance.”

And so the ERG came to life a few months after the appointment of the People and Career Development Director, Marcia Thomas, as Global Leader for Diversity & Inclusion. According to Marcia, “Diversity and Inclusion is not as straightforward as its definition may suggest. It involves a voluntary effort and the setting of goals and targets to make the effort. One of the key points of implementing a successful D&I strategy is to give a voice to employees and ALIGN is one of the ERG’s that Aptar is planning to set for that purpose going forward.”


We invite you to learn more about Diversity & Inclusion at Aptar here.


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