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Aptar Closures Introduces New E-Commerce Disc Top Closure for Beauty, Personal and Home Care Applications

Aptar Closures’ E-Disc Top securely protects against in-transit leakage while eliminating the need for liners and extra shipping preparation fees.

6 May 2024

Aptar Closures, an industry leader in dispensing solutions for over 50 years, has introduced a new intuitive, ultra-protective disc top closure. Designed with e-commerce applications in mind, the patent-pending, single-component E-Disc Top is the second in a series of three novel disc top dispensing solutions the company will introduce globally this year for beauty, personal care and home care products.

E-Disc Top incorporates an integrated, concealed mechanism that requires more force to be applied upon initial opening, but thereafter operates as a standard disc top closure. This helps ensure the product remains secure during transit and minimizes potential breaks, cracks or leaks – vital in a segment where damage during transit and e-commerce shipping has been a noted, ongoing issue for years.

E-Disc Top is intuitive to use and operates smoothly with standard opening force after first opening. Importantly, the closure is Amazon ISTA-6 Compliant, signifying it is designed to withstand harsh shipping conditions normally encountered during e-commerce handling and transportation.

E-Disc Top also can contribute to improved sustainability for brands. The fully recyclable closure is comprised of polypropylene (PP) and is available in post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. Furthermore, the technology eliminates the need for liners, shrink bands and other excessive packaging, helping to reduce overall waste.

Beyond sustainability, improved efficiencies are an added benefit of the E-Disc Top closure. In addition to reducing supply chain complexities and lead times by eliminating liners, the E-Disc Top closure can bring cost savings by allowing brands to bypass shipping preparation fees associated with major online retailers requiring additional protective packaging.

Considering this, the E-Disc Top closure helps provide a positive, hassle-free unboxing experience without the burden of difficult-to-remove excess packaging – all while preventing revenue loss and reputation damage related to consumers’ complaints and damaged product returns. The E-Disc Top closure, manufactured in the U.S., will be produced in a 24-410 flat neck finish and is suitable for medium to thick viscosities. It features a crab claw seal and fits .166 and .310-inch orifice sizes.

“At Aptar Closures, we are dedicated to developing and bringing to market the next generation of dispensing solutions tailored to the evolving needs of our brand partners and consumers,” said Erin Harmon, North America Product Line Director at Aptar Closures. “Our E-Disc Top underscores this commitment. Its intuitive functionality, enhanced shipping durability and sustainability attributes reaffirm our efforts to offer practical yet impactful solutions for our brand partners worldwide.”

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*ISTA-6 Overbox Testing Qualified. Test results vary based on the final formula and packaging size.

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