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Aptar Develops Market-first Airless Roll-on Capsule for LightinDerm Skincare Device

Aptar Beauty + Home, announces the development of an airless roll-on recharge capsule for LightinDerm skincare devices. A completely new concept, the capsule confirms Aptar’s position as pioneer of innovative packaging solutions for tomorrow’s changing market.

12 Jan 2021

Home skincare devices: a growing trend

As beauty consumers increasingly seek dermocosmetic solutions for their daily skincare needs, devices that deliver salon-quality skincare treatments at home have boomed as a category. Developed within the auspices of Paris Santé Cochin — Europe’s largest start-up incubator in the health sector located within the Hospital Cochin in Paris — the revolutionary LightinDerm skincare device uses three types of regenerative light to transform and activate photo-active serums and provoke deep skin regeneration and rejuvenation when applied. Within the device, the airless roll-on capsule enables secure housing and delivery of different formulas according to the
customer’s preference and skincare requirements. For Aptar, the challenge was to develop a perfectly sealed resistant product which would also diffuse light rays in the most efficient way to enable activation of the ingredients within the serum.

Technical challenge: accepted!
A market-first, the airless roll-on recharge capsule developed for LightinDerm is the result of two years’ intense work by Aptar’s airless and custom design experts. After extensive laboratory and industrial testing, the designers hit on three materials — the  combination of which remains a tightly guarded secret — for the final airless roll-on capsule, which is fully recyclable. The recharge capsule consists of three parts made by Aptar,
combined with the glass roller ball through which the light passes as it evenly distributes the formula and mechanically massages the skin. Inside the capsule, which has a guaranteed seal, is an airless piston designed exclusively for LightinDerm.

Made in France excellence
The technical achievement of creating an airless roll-on capsule was made possible thanks to the cutting-edge technologies and expertise across various disciplines present at Aptar’s industrial sites around France. Aptar’s capacity for next-level research and large-scale testing, undertaken in close collaboration with the client, was key to producing this revolutionary product for LightinDerm. Globally renowned for excellence in the beauty industry, Aptar is a proud contributor to France’s reputation as an industry leader. Innovative start-ups like LightinDerm, working together with industrial powerhouses like Aptar, will help to ensure the continued health of the French beauty industry and its ability to reinvent the market with the delivery of ground-breaking new products.

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