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Aptar Digital Health and Healint Announce Innovative Collaboration for Central Nervous System and Immune System Conditions

Healint, a global leader in AI-driven healthcare solutions for Central Nervous System (CNS) and Immune System conditions, and Aptar Digital Health, a global expert in Software as a Medical Device (SaMD), digital Patient Support Programs (PSPs) and disease management solutions, have entered into a collaboration aimed at enhancing the way patients with CNS and immune conditions are managed and treated.

21 Apr 2023

The partnership will capitalize on the combined capabilities of the two organizations to provide support to pharmaceutical partners aiming to deliver enhanced patient experiences through innovative digital solutions.

Healint’s advanced AI technology enables the company to collect, analyze and interpret vast amounts of patient-generated data, providing invaluable insights into the complexities of CNS and Immune System conditions. Leveraging the latest innovations in software, data science, and user experience design, Healint puts healthcare in the hands of patients and empowers them to be active participants in the discovery of new treatments and fundamental research with their Healthcare Professionals. Healint helps companies and academics conduct virtual studies to increase the quality of the data collected by lowering the barriers of entry for qualified patients.

Aptar Digital Health, with its extensive experience in Software-as-a-Medical Device (SaMDs), companion apps and disease management solutions, will bring its comprehensive understanding of patient and healthcare professional needs to the partnership. The company’s platform and expertise in developing and implementing digital health solutions globally will complement Healint’s AI-driven insights and ability to build large communities of patients. This powerful combination that has the potential to reshape the way digital innovations can improve the management and treatment of CNS and Immune System conditions.

The collaboration aims to support the development of a new category of PSPs, DTx and studies thanks to the connectivity of Aptar’s drug delivery devices, Aptar’s SaMD and DTx Framework, coupled with Healint’s capacity to serve millions of patients in neurology for both data-capture and high-speed delivery of digital solutions to those patients and their specialist health care providers. During the AAN, the capacity to produce high precision real-world algorithms for treatment evaluation1, and predictive analytics to optimize the timing of intake of the treatment will be discussed based on Healint’s data. The companies will share how this can be deployed in a broad range of CNS conditions to bring the patients through a
digital patient journey starting from Phase II and continuing up to the Digital Therapeutics augmenting the Drug’s experience.

The collaboration will be further showcased at the upcoming American Academy of Neurology (AAN) Congress, April 22-27, 2023, in Boston. The event, which brings together leading experts in the field of neurology, will serve as a platform for Healint and Aptar Digital Health to present their innovative partnership to industry leaders, healthcare professionals and researchers. They will highlight the potential impact of their collaboration for people affected by CNS and Immune System conditions.

On the collaboration:

Adam Shain, Vice President, Business Development at Aptar Digital Health, stated, “We are excited to join forces with Healint and bring our combined expertise to address the significant challenges faced by patients with CNS and Immune System conditions. Our collaboration represents a major step forward in our shared mission to improve the lives of millions of people worldwide.”

“At Healint, we are delighted by our collaboration with Aptar Digital Health as we know together we will be able to deliver the best to our clients. We are combining Aptar’s proven experience with digital patient support coupled with Healint’s 10 years of building the world leading platform for CNS. Our clients know we are the best option to bring their digital projects to life and surpass the competition’s digital initiative,” said François Cadiou, CEO and co-founder of Healint. “This will open new treatment and relief opportunities in migraine as well as numerous other chronic conditions.”

Learn more about Healint and their partnership with Aptar Digital Health.




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Migraine Medications: A Big Data Analysis of 10 Million Patient Self-Reported Treatment Records From A Migraine
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