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Aptar Digital Health Launches New Disease Management Platform

New platform will allow for better patient treatment adherence tracking and will expand Aptar Pharma’s portfolio of digital health solutions with a complete, end-to-end solution, across multiple therapeutic areas.

Press Release
By Ciara Jackson Senior Marketing Manager, Aptar Pharma
11 Oct 2022

Aptar Pharma has announced the launch of a new Disease Management Platform to support patients during their treatment journey. This new platform expands Aptar Pharma’s portfolio of digital health solutions with a complete, end-to-end solution, supporting patients from the prevention and diagnosis phases, to disease management, and more, across multiple therapeutic areas.

By leveraging Aptar Digital Health’s Disease Management Platform, care teams can access real-time remote data monitoring to track the patient’s adherence to their treatment. Additionally, patients will get the support they need throughout every stage of their treatment journey, including remote patient diagnostic features, ePROS (Electronic Patient Reported Outcomes), virtual care and telehealth solutions, symptom and trigger tracking, as well as access to educational content and videos.

The Disease Management Platform reflects Aptar Digital Health’s commitment to deliver compliant, innovative and best-in-class solutions to optimize the management of chronic conditions for patients undergoing treatment at home. With this complete and easy-to-use platform, patients can benefit from active monitoring of disease evolution and easier communication with their care team, with the ultimate goal of helping patients improve their treatment adherence for better health outcomes.

“Aptar Pharma’s acquisitions of Cohero Health and Voluntis have allowed us to broaden our digital health expertise,” said Gael Touya, President of Aptar Pharma. “By offering all-in-one solutions including drug delivery connected devices, digital therapeutics and care services, we aim to reduce existing gaps in healthcare by empowering patients, improving treatment adherence and strengthening the patient and care team relationship.”

“With this new platform, we are accelerating the pace of change for digital healthcare solutions,” said Sai Shankar, President of Aptar Digital Health. ”Aptar Digital Health’s goal is to enhance patient experiences by providing continuous support and decentralized care. Our new offer consolidates our expertise in the field by proposing a solution that responds favourably to patients needs at each stage of their journey.”

Aptar Digital Health’s Disease Management Platform is a new commercial offering to its life science industrial partners, payers and providers, and will be combined with long-term therapies for patients living with chronic conditions.

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