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Aptar Food + Beverage Wins Two Marking Awards at FBIF in China

29 May 2018

On April 18, the Food & Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF) announced the winners of the ‘Marking Awards’ in China. Commissioned by Food & Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF), Marking Awards 2017 is a global packaging design competition which aims to gather world-class designers, promote creative and practical designs.

Out of the nearly 400 different packaging designs from 124 organizations worldwide, two Aptar Food + Beverage solutions, Hydrant and Versa Spout, received awards for the categories Technology and Functionality.

A jury of 24 selected professionals from top international brands and design institutes selected the best solutions, based on the following criteria: aspect of design, relevance, innovation, technology, utility and integrity, adherence to justice, fairness, openness, high standards, and internationalization.

Hydrant is a unique dispensing closure for large format PET bottled water. Hydrant features a handy and soft-touch toggle and excellent system built in a two-piece closure (POE + PP) plus venting element. The visible non-detachable tamper-evident band within the overcap provides product and consumer safety. In addition, the soft POE material offers a simple and intuitive one-hand opening and dispensing, while the venting feature allows for a unique flow rate. Hydrant is a safer, easier, and more intuitive solution, for all ages.

Hydrant tamper-evident closure, variety of angles     Marking Tech Award for Hydrant closure


Versa Spout is a unique, child-friendly pouch fitment with overcap. Its inner valve makes it easy and safer for toddlers to enjoy their favorite puree, apple sauce, pudding, yogurt and beverages. In addition to a visible tamper evidence feature, its unique child-friendly design meets international toy safety requirements, making it safer for little ones to handle. In addition, VersaSpout is convenient for on-the-go consumption on stand-up pouches. Its built-in SimpliSqueeze® valve technology allows for product flow control, allowing for a clean dispense every time!

Renderings of SimpliSqueeze silicone valve     Marking Functional Awarrd for VersaSpout


Aptar Food + Beverage continues to delight and improve the lives of consumers through innovative packaging! Contact us at to learn more about these and many other Aptar innovations!

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