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Aptar Invests 42 million Euros in a New Industrial Site in Oyonnax, France

Aptar invests 42 million euros in a new industrial site in Oyonnax serving industrial excellence and sustainable development.


7 Apr 2022

Aptar is strengthening its local roots in Oyonnax in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region by investing 42 million euros in a new state-of-the-art prestige beauty site, which will be operational in spring 2023. With this innovative initiative, Aptar is consolidating legacy operations into a new and dynamic facility which further asserts its leadership as the driving force behind customizable luxury solutions, with more sustainable features, in France.

“I am extremely proud to announce Aptar’s new center of excellence in Oyonnax, France which furthers our efforts to help our customers win in their marketplaces, especially in the prestige beauty market. The investments we are making in this new facility will strengthen our partnerships for many years to come. We remain committed to delivering on our promises to consumers and customers in the many markets we serve as we live up to our purpose of transforming ideas into solutions that improve everyday life,” said Stephan Tanda, President and CEO, Aptar.

“Aptar is the leading company in the Eure region and the second largest private employer in the Oyonnax area. In the EMEA region, we operate 22 production sites, including eight in France. Our strategy has always been to be close to our customers. The decision to consolidate our five current sites into one is an ambitious and strategic project to improve and adapt our processes within the Oyonnax Campus. By boosting our technological, logistical, and decorative capabilities, which are particularly valued, and by providing our high-end customized solutions, we will meet the needs of our customers in a fast-growing prestige market,” says Xavier Susterac, President EMEA, Aptar Beauty + Home.

A site combining industrial and environmental excellence

By bringing together five workshops into a single site, the new site aims to improve production processes, optimize industrial and operational performance and strengthen the core business in Oyonnax. The site covers 25,000 m².

Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, unique technical expertise and the professionalism of its employees, Aptar Beauty + Home will be able to meet the expectations of its customers and deliver a wide range of increasingly innovative and technically sophisticated products.

The new site is in keeping with Aptar’s policy of ecological excellence. The transformation of the site meets the highest environmental standards and aims to improve the carbon impact of the entire sector (1). The site will save 45% in energy and reduce CO2 emissions by 58% through heat recovery and the end of inter-site transport (projections versus 2018 performance).

“This strategic project will enable us to minimize our environmental and carbon footprint, and to become more competitive and responsive to our customers. In particular, we have invested in recycling the heat circuits of our internal processes for direct consumption in our building, setting up an automated standby system to improve our energy performance and new means of production that consume less energy. The site has already obtained LEED (2) v4 Silver level certification, Aptar’s first French site to receive this recognition, and the Biodivercity (3) label,” says Jean-Charles de Ligne, Operations Director, Aptar Oyonnax.

This initiative is one of Aptar’s major achievements in terms of environmental responsibility. Globally, Aptar currently boasts ten ISCC PLUS certified sites, over 95% of electricity consumption coming from renewable sources and more than 60% of production sites certified as landfill free through our internal program. Our efforts and resulting performance enabled us to achieve the EcoVadis (4) “Platinum” medal, placing Aptar among the top 1% of companies evaluated.

A truly “made in France” know-how

With the new facility, Aptar renews its social and local ambition. By choosing France and “Made in France”, Aptar, the leading company in the Eure department and the second largest private employer in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, confirms its territorial roots and its desire to participate in the influence of French know-how, as close as possible to its European partners and customers.

This investment is part of Aptar’s vision to offer differentiated solutions and services to its customers, and to ensure excellence, thus contributing to the success of French brands with innovative packaging solutions by relying on the unique local skills and expertise of the region’s subcontractors and technical partners.

A true showcase of our know-how, the site will offer agility, flexibility and operational efficiency to consolidate our industrial leadership.

300 trees planted

On April 7, Stephan Tanda, President and CEO and Marc Prieur, President of Aptar Beauty + Home, Xavier Susterac, President of Aptar Beauty + Home EMEA, Jean-Charles de Ligne, Operations Director, Aptar Oyonnax along with his partners and customers, will hold the first tree planting ceremony. Each of the customers will see their tree grow and thus contribute to this project. A total of 300 trees will be planted. During this event, two round tables will be conducted in a forward-looking way, focusing on the new challenges of environmental responsibility.

(1) Such as the rationalization of energy consumption, the choice of materials with low environmental impact, and the landscaping of the site.

(2) LEED is a green-building certification that promotes lower-impact material selections, energy efficient systems and architecture. This certification targets the building as a whole and not only the materials used for its construction.

(3) First international label for the consideration of biodiversity in construction and renovation projects.

(4) The EcoVadis assessment methodology is one of the world’s leading platforms for CSR assessments of companies. It is based on international standards and driven by a scientific committee of CSR and supply chain experts to ensure independent and reliable CSR assessments.

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